Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Status Update + HTC Vive Version

Can't believe its been nearly two years since i last posted, since then I’ve been working on it from time to time and have recently been focusing on it a lot more. Around the time that I posted the last update i decided to redo all the textures using Quixel DDO. I also decided to go back to using unity after version 5 was released.

Here is the updated cockpit

As for the other areas of the ship the mess and hallway are pretty much done, next I’ll be working on updating the cargo hold and infirmary area and then adding the engine room and crew quarters.

Since then i also got an HTC Vive and have been working on a version for it. Currently I’m working on adding different interactions using the Vive controller.

I’ll try to post updates more regularly and hopefully release a version for the Vive really soon.